Month: September 2001

Gizmo – Gizmo’s Best Freeware

Gizmo’s – Welcome to Gizmo’s Best-ever Freeware ! Wiki style searchable collection of freeware programs, organized by function and popularity. Includes guides and tutorials, and user contributed articles. – 18k Applications Current Issue Digital imaging Office How to Make Firefox Load Faster Performance Backup Privacy More results from

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Save CPU and RAM: Disable Indexing on XP

Save CPU and RAM: Disable the Indexing Service on Windows XP If there is one bloated and unnecessary service that you should immediately disable, it’s definitely the Indexing Service built into Windows XP. The idea behind it is that you can search for files more quickly if it is enabled….  […]

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Fix for Firefox memory leak on Windows

Fix for Firefox memory leak on Windows This seems to help out with the memory usage quite a bit. Generally, when you minimize a window the memory usage goes way down because that application isn’t active. Unfortunately, Firefox by default doesn’t adhere to this behavior. Here’s how to force it […]

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