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The 3 Wise Men : Logic, Love, Laughter

If it’s not important, then why bother saying it?
But isn’t everything important?
Only if you care about anything!
Life sucks when you’re not having fun.
Parts of life suck to make the other parts fun.
And then you die!  =)
Death is inevitable…
So is life!
But which is really worse?

Nobody is perfect!
We are all perfect in our uniqueness.
No wonder why I can’t find my soulmate!

We are not all One.
Not copies of the same person, but One living organism..
Too bad we aren’t one big orgasm!

Sex is not Love.
But Love is definitely sex.
I want both!

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
So buy two slices.
But I want BOTH!

The pasture is never really greener on the other side..
Grass is always greener where you haven’t been laying.
Unless someone else is laying there..

Science has already proven that there is no God who created the universe – it was the big bang!
Something created everything that went into the big bang…
What created that which created the circumstances for the big bang?

Never stare at the sun!
Why not – It stares at you all day.
Except if it is during an eclipse!


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