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Demon’s Golden Root

Wed, October 26, 2005 – 12:36 PM

Demon Root

Demon Root

Demon’s Golden Root
A Green Demons Breath, Arching Fire Bold
Sold It To Death, Dragons Tail Still Told
In Mythic Time Of Liar, From Silken Roots To Gold,
Twisted And Wicked, Tricked Thy Books Of Old
But With Semi Common Notes
Came Goodling Fairie Folk
The Grayest Man Then Hoped
To Break His Hardened Oak
And Wake This Yellow Yolk
Which Bind Him, Painfully.


When His Spirit Prances Oh-Spree-Freely, The Thumping Weasel Mumbles Feetly. Two Humble Eyes Do See Sweetly, A Fleeting Full Moon’s Light In Between…

Darkened Dancing Branches Of The Ancient Forest Tree.

As Just So, He Wept Endlessly For One.

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