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Karmaclysm : 10-08- 541 621 9071
Concept Art : KarmaSutra by DarkLight

On The Farm Of Karmaclysm
Sowing Those Seeds, Repeating Fission
Through The Circles Of Time’s Decision
We Stumble Upon A Mythic Vision
Our Rejoice Is Your Sin’s Submission
We Become The Great Salvation
And Sing On In Weighed Provision
For Loving Of The Invisible Religion
On The Farm Of Karmaclysm
Untold Heroes, Unstrung Bows
Unsung She Woes, We Spun-Love Our Foes

-DarkLight (Excerpt from ‘TranceTextual’ 😉

Grasp Nothing But Understanding
Jealousy Is Such A Small Cage
It Will Drive You Into Blinded Rage
Jealousy Is A Solitary Guage
Keeps You Off The Mainline Stage
Jealousy As An Hourglass Wage
Sense You Feeling Twice Your Age

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