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Karmaclysm : 10-08- 541 621 9071
Concept Art : KarmaSutra by DarkLight

On The Farm Of Karmaclysm
Sowing Those Seeds, Repeating Fission
Through The Circles Of Time’s Decision
We Stumble Upon A Mythic Vision
Our Rejoice Is Your Sin’s Submission
We Become The Great Salvation
And Sing On In Weighed Provision
For Loving Of The Invisible Religion
On The Farm Of Karmaclysm
Untold Heroes, Unstrung Bows
Unsung She Woes, We Spun-Love Our Foes

-DarkLight (Excerpt from ‘TranceTextual’ 😉

Grasp Nothing But Understanding
Jealousy Is Such A Small Cage
It Will Drive You Into Blinded Rage
Jealousy Is A Solitary Guage
Keeps You Off The Mainline Stage
Jealousy As An Hourglass Wage
Sense You Feeling Twice Your Age

Deeper Than Skin

Deeper Than Skin

Feel Your Body, Contour Tracing
Slip Into Your Sweet Encasing
Dripping Folds, Your Pure Soul Holds
A Love That Is So Amazing

Goddess Blessed Ectasy

Tue, September 20, 2005 – 10:10 AM

Goddess Blessed

Goddess Blessed

Goddess Blessed Ectasy

We Let It Roll, She And Me
Making Love With Ecstasy
Fucking High On Chemistry
Set Our Souls So Right To Be
We Take A Stroll, He Is He
Goddess Blessed Thus She As She
Another World For Eyes To See
The Magic Love Which Sets Us Free

Use Love

Mother Drug Hug

Wed, September 28, 2005 – 1:43 PM

Mother Drug Hug

Pardon Me, But I’m Just Shy
It’s Hard To Look You In The Eye
Figure Me Out, I Don’t Know Why
Mother Thinks I’m Always High

So Fly, Oh Fly
Upon Acid Sky
Try, I Try
Defend Only My
Cry, Hard Cry
Dropping Through A Lie
Die, Soul Die
In Earth-Hell To Fry

Pardon You, But I’m Fucking Shy
It’s Hard To Look Me In The Right Eye
Left Me Out, She Might As Well Scry
My Only Mother Thinks I’m Just High



Mine Slave : AudioVisual Sub-Textura



Bittersweet Outpourings Of Sustenant Artificial Life Become Encapsulated Spores Unto The Massing Vibration’s Brief Inertia, Which Has Only Now Begun To Speak In The Greatest Of Tongue. Whosoever The Moorer Joins The Strand, As It’s Flaming-Cold Tentacles Thrash And Wrap Wildly Around The Secret Counterparts Of An Unknown Mystic, Sponging In, Dealing Out His Non-Defined Threat Of Innocence.

Mine Slave : (Listen To My New Track)

Genre: Electronica – Ambient – Soundscape
Comment: Psychedelicious Dream

Sight, Sound and Script by Darklight/AlienTrance

The Perfect Wish

Mon, October 17, 2005 – 11:51 AM

The Perfect Wish
All Your Dreams Are Meant To Come True
So Think, Decide And Call Them To You
All Your Wishes Were Meant To Be
The Same With He And She And Me

Dual Pupil

Wed, October 19, 2005 – 7:35 AM – permalink – 2 comments – add a comment

Dual Pupil :
Eye Am The Pupil Of I
Glistening With Soul’s Hearing Ear
Feeling With Heart, Flying On High
Dropping My Senses And Fear

Demon’s Golden Root

Wed, October 26, 2005 – 12:36 PM

Demon Root

Demon Root

Demon’s Golden Root
A Green Demons Breath, Arching Fire Bold
Sold It To Death, Dragons Tail Still Told
In Mythic Time Of Liar, From Silken Roots To Gold,
Twisted And Wicked, Tricked Thy Books Of Old
But With Semi Common Notes
Came Goodling Fairie Folk
The Grayest Man Then Hoped
To Break His Hardened Oak
And Wake This Yellow Yolk
Which Bind Him, Painfully.


When His Spirit Prances Oh-Spree-Freely, The Thumping Weasel Mumbles Feetly. Two Humble Eyes Do See Sweetly, A Fleeting Full Moon’s Light In Between…

Darkened Dancing Branches Of The Ancient Forest Tree.

As Just So, He Wept Endlessly For One.

Cosmic Plasma

Wed, November 2, 2005 – 8:31 AM

Cosmic Plasma
Fractal Chains Of Oddessey
Inspired By Chemical Light
He Rolls Away Endlessly
Into The Home Of Night

My Head, A UFO

Tue, November 8, 2005 – 11:29 AM

My Head A UFO
A Mushroom In My Head
A Mushroom In My Head
We Listened To The Silence
A Mushroom In My Head

We Listen To The Sound
The Silence Getting Louder
We Dig Into The Silence
The Sound Is Getting Louder

The Mushroom Is The Silence
A Mushroom In My Head
I Am The UFO
The Mushroom Is My Head
The Mushroom Is My Head

A Sound Comes Out My Mouth
The Silence Never Louder
The Sound Comes Out My Mouth
A Mushroom In My Head

My Head A UFO
The Sound Is In My Head
I Hear The UFO
The Silence In My Head
The Silence Is My Head

Twisted Faerie

Fri, November 11, 2005 – 1:26 PM – permalink – 4 comments – add a comment

Twisted Faerie :
Darker Fae Series
Someone Said To Me One Night
The Devil Is Not So Clear In Sight
But That I Thought, It Wasn’t Right
There’s Always Nothing To Fight The Light

Wishling 11:11

Design & Words by L.s.D
Tue, November 15, 2005 – 11:25 AM

Wishling Tree

Wishling Tree

Wishling : 11:11
Dark Light, Dark Knight
The Only Star I See So Bright
This I Say, I Wish My Right
A Perfect Dream To Be Tonight

Retrospective Future

Wed, January 18, 2006 – 9:45 AM

A Retrospective of Our Future
Burning Man Decompression Was Magical…

At Last, The Time Of Burning Man
Aghast, We Rhyme : ‘That’s Who I Am’
A Past Of Mine, You Glow In Thine
Again Ye Shine, It Knows We Can
We Are All The Same
The Simple Burning Man
We Drop All The Shame
One Burning Love Man

Angry Man

Wed, February 15, 2006 – 10:32 AM

Angry Man
Blaming On The Angry Man
Shaming On His Rusty Can
Waving On This Holy Plan
He Cannot Live, But Suicide Ran

No, Not An Angry Man.
Just A Confused And Misunderstood Child

Smooth And Soft

(( ( ( E T E R N A L ) ) ))

Smooth And Soft,
Silken Thoughts Aloft,
Here Is One Sweet Thing.

Rainy Day #67188380719

Dead Sun Rays

Dead Sun Rays

Rainy Day # 67188380719
I Love All The Rainy Days
Make Me Think Of Dead Sun Rays

The Dead Sun Rays…

The Kind Which Burn My Skin That Way
The Kind That Turn My Heart Away

From You.

Thank You For This Rainy Day
Never Let It Go Away

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