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Metatronic Shells

This PhotoGraphic set was designed for Chilluminati’s ‘Metatronic II Event’ in Chicago


Dark Mutation

Dark Mutation

Dark Mutation

One of my first works combining digital media and photography,(Casio Exilim, Photoshop).  Sorry about the small size and resolution – I somehow lost the original during one of my hard drive replacements.


Coordinates 846, 210

Lucidian Site 84212

Secret Lucidian Site : Coordinates 846, 210

Believed to be a part of some strange mystery…   Not much else is known at this point.

Mountain House Edit


Here is an example of a quick photo edit I did a couple of years back.  In the original photo, you will notice the unsightly vehicle in the driveway that I decided to remove in the version below.  Also, see if you can find the subtle addition (besides color/contrast) I made to the background scenery…


With Enhanced Color & Contrast :


Interface Screenshots


Duct Tape Wizard Hat

I constructed this wizard’s hat using black and brown duct tape, heavily layered and then topped off with some leather strapping, some feathers and a little mini pouch.  More to come as soon as I have more duct tape.

Winter Weather 08



Random Winter 08

Random Winter 08




Perry Farrel, Lolla 07


Perry & *?* lol

Kat didn’t like how she came out in this photo, so I magicked it away..  🙂

Hidden Love


Sublimina Photography - DarkLight Studio 07


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