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Coordinates: 153×229


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Work from home providing research and answers

More info to be posted

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The Freakeasy #1 Launch

Saturday Nov. 29th, 10 p.m. until 8 a.m.


DJ Striz
Brad Miner
DJ Warp
Justin Reed
Duke Shin

Video Install

Video Janitor


Chicago Fire Tribe
Marta – Hoop Dance
AcroYoga Chicago – with Tatiana Sanchez and Jonny Nobleza
Mark Lerro



Sound Install by Illmeasures
Interior design – Yva Neal

(please stay tuned in for additional performance and artist updates)


Ever since the Prohibition years, Chicagoans have found ways to celebrate on their own terms regardless of government restrictions. We at the Freakeasy hope to carry on that festive tradition by providing a space for our community to come together and celebrate life on our own terms.

The Freakeasy will be showcasing cutting-edge underground international musical talent along with amazing sound. Live video installations. Underground LIVE art. Fire and Hoop performance. Belly and Tribal Dance. Hookah Lounge. All drawn from our burning community in an amazing comfortable lounge setting. The last Saturday of each month will be your chance to let your freak flag fly with us at the Freakeasy! Each month we will add new artists into the rotating line-up.

The Freakeasy will offer top shelf drink selections including premium beverages on tap. You are allowed to bring your favorite drinks and party favors as well.

We can only accommodate 200 fun people, so all tickets must be purchased here on-line for entry prior to the event! If you do not reserve a ticket in advance, we will not be able to admit you, sorry. The good thing is that the on-line cost is only 10 bucks per person!

The Fine Print

The Freakeasy is at a near west side Chicago location. Directions will be made available upon purchase of a one time freakeasy membership. For multiple tickets please provide additional names to your paypal order. Your names will be on our master list at the door.

All attendees must be able to prove that they are 21 or over upon entry. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone we feel might interfere with the community vibe we are striving so hard for (please leave any negativity at home). Smoking is permitted in select areas.

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I’ll be posting as many great links as I can find here.  Hope you find something of use!

CSS Tester – Check your CSS live, through this simple interface

Free Hosting

Coming Soon… –

Help & Support

WordPress Help
– installing WordPress locally
WordPressMax – Cheap install service

Local Web Server (Help)

TechnoSpot – LocalHost Setup
Ditii – Xampp & WordPress Install
Port Forward – Awesome resource for router configurations (Install Apache)

System Tweaks

List of Uninstallable Services for XP – 1

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welcome to feedkiller

to build a new feed just enter the urls of the feeds you want to merge into the boxes below. after you enter the feed’s url, specify how many stories from that feed you would like to have put into your custom feed. use the ‘add another feed’ button to bring up more form boxes.

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Click Image to Visit Website
Click Image to Visit Website – the vegetarian search engine

Searching for Vegetarian specific information can be painful. Especially recipes and restaurants. How many times have you searched for “corn chowder” and weeded through pages of “clam chowder” recipes?

V3GGIE is a specialized search engine. It uses a large set of vegetarian and vegan oriented web sites as well as the vegetarian/vegan subsections of popular sites.

5 Vegetarian Search Engines in One!

V3GGIE includes 5 separate sections to give you the most appropriate information.

Visit Website

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    Audio Links

    Find Sounds – Free Audio Clips and Samples
    AlienTrance – Ambient Psychedelic Soundscapes
    Simply Noise – Free White Noise Generator for your browser (now includes Red and Brown noise)

    Find More Good Music
    Find More Good Music
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