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Darth DarkLight 2
Darth DarkLight
#me #clowns #darklight #vampire #festival #lollapalooza #oldphoto

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DarklightDroid v99.1

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DarkLight Studio (Outdated)

This site is now defunct, but feel free to check out some of the artwork posted there.

DarkLight & LucidFaerie
AlienTrance: Something Simple

A thing that happened just then and now: Composer/Artist: AlienTrance/DarkLight Song: Something Simple Album: One Undone Description: You feel yourself swirling into a mystical place, where nothing is what it seems to be, sometimes. Instruments: Tabla, Violin, Hang Drum, Flute, Synth

AlienTrance: New Music

WORKING PROJECTS Composer/Artist: AlienTrance/DarkLight Song: Raining Random Rhythm Instruments: Tabla, Violin, Hang Drum, Synth And here’s another unfinished track from last month Composer/Artist: AlienTrance/DarkLight Song: Flutopia 5 Instruments: Flute, Cello, Standard Drums, Violin, Hang Drum, Synth

AlienTrance: Batman’s Joker

All original mix, with voices and acoustic guitar by DarkLight  


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