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Faerie Flower Chase

Faerie Flower Chase Hushing Sweetly, Yet Completely, It Sends Her Mind Astray… Churning Creamy Thoughts Of Such A Wandering Muse So She Slips Away For A Quiet Moment By Herself While Pink And Purple Flower Petals Secretly Chase Themselves, Teasingly.

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Every Day You

I Thank God For You Every Day Cant Tell It To Your Face That’s Just Not My Way Even Though Someone In My Place Would Speak And Openly Say I Love You

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Cute Rats And Other Furry Things

I’ll post all the cutest little fuzzy creature pictures I get right here  🙂  Of course if you want to see the real thing, you’ll have to check out our Bongo and Snowbie guinea pig galleries.  We will be putting up pages for our rats Belle and Popcorn soon too!

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