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Chemical coat to mean drier socks

The process makes water bead on any surface Almost any surface or fabric can be made waterproof but remain breathable thanks to a former military technology. The process was originally developed to ensure soldiers’ clothing remained impermeable to chemical weapons. Shoe maker Hi-Tec has signed a deal with the developers […]

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News: Japanese Physicists Aim to Unlock Universe’s Mysteries

Physics / Physics A worker shows the facilties of the world’s largest scale synchrotron 500m in diameter which produces neutrons and neutrino and can be used for research materials and life science at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) Tokai Research and development center at Tokai village in Ibaraki prefecture, […]

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PlaceHolder: Re-Entry

This area is not yet complete, but please feel free to explore the rest of this site using the navigation menus, or by clicking here for a random surprise.  You can also click the image above to enter the main site directly. Thanks for visiting! (\o/) : Omni/DarkLight

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