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Subliminal Coordinates

Subliminal Coordinates

Subliminal Coordinates

Subliminal Coordinates

When The Silent Hand Strikes At Five
It Will Know The Room Is Well Alive
Then Past When, A Quarter To Ten
Subliminal Coordinates From Hell To Zen

Sweet is on My Lips



The Sweet Is On My Lips
The Sweet Is From Her Kiss
The Kiss Is From Her Sleeve
Running Down Her Cheek

Her Sweet Is On My Lips
The Sweet Is From Her Kiss
Her Sweet Is From The Bliss
Her Sweet Is Not Amiss

Sticky Sweet Is On My Kiss
The Kiss Is From Her Sleeve

Slippery Sleeve
Running Down Her Cheek
Sliding Down Her Neck

The Slippery Kiss
She Might Just Miss
A Slippery Kiss
Our Time In Bliss

A Bit Of God

a bit of god

You, Oh you Darling One
Heaven Parts it’s gate for me to sing your perfect name.
Sweet flower and blue honey nectar,she nourishes me fully

god is too simple to fathom, yet too complex to explain

Lucidian Energy Roll (2007)

Lucidian Energy Roll

Lucidian Energy Roll

hada great time mank mank
chyitter chatter of mine teeth
convulsive spazms of lucidian energy : ecstasy
aew are amobng the misr krucid thimgs ir ceungs rather for they has the insite to see clearly thru to the outxsyde

fractals reaching toward the sun
they will catch him, one by one

Folding Flesh

Folding Flesh

Her Folds Were Dripping Sweet Sweat Into Nightly
She Told Herself : Stop Dreaming So Brightly
Soft Syringe, It’s Shafted Hinge – Of Painful Joy…
Syrup Drip Drops, Sticky Lick Mops
Off Of Her Morning Berry Nipples
Those Early Berry Pins Of Skin

Cosmic Shell

Cosmic Shell

Insistent Upon Looking, The Searcher Explores But One Avenue Of Pulsing Skin, Nestled Inside Of A Honey Bone Shell. The Coat Wears Thin As Transcendental Forms Of Withering Twilight Govern It’s Writhing Process. Earth Moans, Moon Drones, And The Son Thus Never Shall Shine On Nothing.

K.Y.S – Keep Your Spirit

Faerie Flower Chase

Faerie Flower

Faerie Flower Chase

Hushing Sweetly, Yet Completely, It Sends Her Mind Astray…
Churning Creamy Thoughts Of Such A Wandering Muse

So She Slips Away For A Quiet Moment By Herself

While Pink And Purple Flower Petals
Secretly Chase Themselves, Teasingly.

Crash The System

Crash The System

WallCrawler Series, DarkLight 2007

WallCrawler Series, DarkLight 2008

WallCrawler Series, DarkLight 2008

A Meg A Minute, A Moment On A Dime
Downloading Parts That Make It Come Alive
A Meg A Minute, A Moment Of Time
Uploading Smart, Intelligent Design Hive
A Meg In A Moment, One Moment Is Fine
Free Your Warez, And Then We Can Survive
Since When Has My Idea Been A Crime
The Government Scouring Hard Drive
Break The Internet Of Your Clay Mind
When The System Fails Is Then That We Thrive
So Crash It Now, We Are Our Last Line

Forgotten Part

Forgotten Part

Sudden Death Of Victim Crimes
Sometimes Knocks Twice Three Times
Forever When His Heart Still Chimes
Whenever Then Producing Rhymes

Every Day You

I Thank God For You Every Day
Cant Tell It To Your Face
That’s Just Not My Way
Even Though Someone In My Place
Would Speak And Openly Say

I Love You

Everyone A Dark Side

To Everyone, A Dark Side
But Why Such A Hard Ride?
Crumbling Waves Of Cleansing Tide
Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide

(Be Consumed By Purity Of Soul ;
Through It’s Black-Whole Teachings)

And Of The Beginning…

And Of The Beginning :

Time Stole Her Face Today
In A Distant Land, Far Far Away
Space Let Her Live To Say
I Can’t Afford To Go And Play

But When She Fell From Out Her Shell
That’s The Moment He Knew It Was Hell
For Then He Saw, Through Clenched Jaw
What They Never Expected…

A Diamond, Covered In Beautiful Shine.

So you see :

Everything Begets A Lucidian Ending, Even If There Never Were Such An Idea.

(As ‘Zeta Ridiculi’ is the Apparent Controller of Infinite Madness…)
(…But Totals of Complete Serendipity)

Press D

I’d Rather Scorch In The White Hot Sun
Than Be Burned By The Searing Flame Of Your Tongue

Your Words Are Like Fire Unto My Skin
Wearing Me Down, Already So Fucking Thin
I Trust In Something, For My Own Good
Taking Even More When I Think I Should

But When Is Ever, Never Fine Enough
If ‘All The Time’ I ‘Always Fuck Up’
So When If Never Is Ever Fine Enough
Its Pointless Now, Your Tough Just Turns To Rough

(What did I do? (What didn’t I do?) What Should I Have Done In The Future For You?)

No, Nothing More I Can’t Do; Even Less I Can
Doesn’t Matter Anyway, I’m Obviously Not Your Man

More Like Prison Bitch,
Evil Thread To Evil Stitch
More Like Your Left Hitch
Suckin On : Life’s A Witch

Harder Though, Will I Still Try To You
Through It My How, I Can Never Do
Not Knowing What, Nor Seeing When
Your ‘Righteous Anger’ Will Strike Again

Whipping Pain Of Deeds Unthought Of
Stripping Rain, Flesh Melts Off Above
Searing Heat From The Fire Down Below
Save Me Now, My Innocent Angel’s Halo

I’d Rather Scorch In The White Hot Sun
Than Be Burned By The Searing Flame Of Your Tongue

These Deep-Seeded, Masked Meaning-Beyond-Meaning, Relentless, Never-Forgotten Thoughts Of Fear and Anger Shall Now Be Banished, In The Name Of “I”.

And Divine Love Lingers On…

Eternally, I Am You Are Me Always We.

Dedicated To The 3 Voices Inside Of My Head, Who Shall Remain Nameless.

Twisted Fix

Fixated; Twisting, Twining Hairs (Which Must Be) Filled With Trillions Of Microbial Creatures, Swarming And Crawling Along The Infinite Strands Of My Extended Shell. Mutating And Conforming To Hive Mind InStructures Instructions, Spunn Into Fractal Cobwebs Of Zombified Life, Each Entity Within Cries Out In Blank Agony For It’s Forgotten Soul. But My Feet Shall Always Dance Upon The Sacred Ground, Beating The Rhythm Of Love And Eternal Hope Of Truth And Freedom.

Random White Lightning

Random White Lightning Strikes And Streaks And Shines Down Upon The Melting Face Of The Textured Demigod Of Madness, Raining Straight Wrath With Such A Great Fury As To Permanently Incapacitate Even His Eternal Soul’s Beholder.

And Thus, A Brilliant Secret Fire Was Extinguished Within The Darkness Of Alpha-Negativity.

The One Ring

The One Ring
You Always Find Me
An Only Thing
I Want To Love Freely
Kind Wishling Bring
My Eyes To See Thee
Upon The Tip Of Sting
My Justice Dealt Finally

AppleSin 8

Hate Was His Fate
Because She Was Late
But When They Both Ate
The AppleSin Was Great

Twilight Eclipse

Twilight Eclipse

(B/W : Hand Reaching Into Darkness)
(Hand pulling out mysterious object)
(ZZZZAAAAAAAAAP! : Black. | Nnnunnghh. | Pixelation….)
(Color Fuzzy Static, Swirls Emerge in Layers.. | A vague image..(An Object? A Face.) fades in… 😉
(Huh? Where am I? Who are you?)

One After Death Communication

One After Death Communication
Take A Breath, Avoid Suffocation
When It’s Time To Leave Your Station
Then It’s Fine To Weave Elation

Great Gail Wins, The White Sail Finned
Gray Whale Sinned; It’s Sight, Pale Thinned
Hymned Book Of Light, The Bible’s Falsest Wind
Binge, Look And Wrighte, Of Our Fable’s Mythic Kin’d

Silly Matrix

Mon, August 29, 2005 – 12:32 PM

Silly Matrix

Silly Matrix

Silly Matrix
Granson, Fanson, Transons, Flanson

It All Makes Sense To : The Intelligence Behind The Illusion Of The Matrix (and those who dare to swallow and embrace the eternal soul)

Everything Is Encoded, Unstoppable

Family Consciousness

DreamFields : One Magical Minds
(Family Consciousness)

We Came Upon The Fields Of A Dream
Felt True Loving Of Your Spiritual Stream
What Not Quite Sure When Was To Seem
One Magical Minds, Our Acid-Wished Theme

Ringing Musical Saturn All Weekend Long
Bringing Visual Pattern To Make The Walls Strong
The Jesus Man; Someone Had It All Wrong
Just Chill The Fuck Out And Smoke A Bong

But Have No Fears Of Neg-Vibration
This Song Is Through With Hatin
So Sing With Me Instead Of Waitin
And Open Your Ears To Third Eye Dilation

DreamFields, DreamFields
Thou Art So Kind
Scream Yields, Free Feels
Enlightening Of Our Mind
DreamFields, DreamFields
Your Invisible Blissing Shined
Three Deals, Holy Meals
Without You I’d Be Blind


Breathing Dying Bubbles
From An Aqua Bell
Life Is But No Fun
Just A World Of Hell

When One Day You Wake Up
The Next Day You Feel Down
Can Ya Flip Your Mind Enough
Then Turn It All Around?

No Sometimes Not The Worth
But Others Might Ask Why
I Will Say : Because The Birth
Of Another Galactic High

Something That Shall Last Us
A Single, One-More Ride
Sinking While We Drown Thus
Wondering Side By Side


(‘..Jealousy Is A Deadly Sin..’ 😉

A One No Good Can Ever Win
But Here’s None Other Funny Spinn
Give It Up And Set Her Flowin
Whichever Way The Wind A-Blowin
Letting Go Is So In


Karmaclysm : 10-08- 541 621 9071
Concept Art : KarmaSutra by DarkLight

On The Farm Of Karmaclysm
Sowing Those Seeds, Repeating Fission
Through The Circles Of Time’s Decision
We Stumble Upon A Mythic Vision
Our Rejoice Is Your Sin’s Submission
We Become The Great Salvation
And Sing On In Weighed Provision
For Loving Of The Invisible Religion
On The Farm Of Karmaclysm
Untold Heroes, Unstrung Bows
Unsung She Woes, We Spun-Love Our Foes

-DarkLight (Excerpt from ‘TranceTextual’ 😉

Grasp Nothing But Understanding
Jealousy Is Such A Small Cage
It Will Drive You Into Blinded Rage
Jealousy Is A Solitary Guage
Keeps You Off The Mainline Stage
Jealousy As An Hourglass Wage
Sense You Feeling Twice Your Age