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FreakEasy Oct 29

The Freakeasy #1 Launch

Saturday Nov. 29th, 10 p.m. until 8 a.m.


DJ Striz
Brad Miner
DJ Warp
Justin Reed
Duke Shin

Video Install

Video Janitor


Chicago Fire Tribe
Marta – Hoop Dance
AcroYoga Chicago – with Tatiana Sanchez and Jonny Nobleza
Mark Lerro



Sound Install by Illmeasures
Interior design – Yva Neal

(please stay tuned in for additional performance and artist updates)


Ever since the Prohibition years, Chicagoans have found ways to celebrate on their own terms regardless of government restrictions. We at the Freakeasy hope to carry on that festive tradition by providing a space for our community to come together and celebrate life on our own terms.

The Freakeasy will be showcasing cutting-edge underground international musical talent along with amazing sound. Live video installations. Underground LIVE art. Fire and Hoop performance. Belly and Tribal Dance. Hookah Lounge. All drawn from our burning community in an amazing comfortable lounge setting. The last Saturday of each month will be your chance to let your freak flag fly with us at the Freakeasy! Each month we will add new artists into the rotating line-up.

The Freakeasy will offer top shelf drink selections including premium beverages on tap. You are allowed to bring your favorite drinks and party favors as well.

We can only accommodate 200 fun people, so all tickets must be purchased here on-line for entry prior to the event! If you do not reserve a ticket in advance, we will not be able to admit you, sorry. The good thing is that the on-line cost is only 10 bucks per person!

The Fine Print

The Freakeasy is at a near west side Chicago location. Directions will be made available upon purchase of a one time freakeasy membership. For multiple tickets please provide additional names to your paypal order. Your names will be on our master list at the door.

All attendees must be able to prove that they are 21 or over upon entry. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone we feel might interfere with the community vibe we are striving so hard for (please leave any negativity at home). Smoking is permitted in select areas.

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Link: Tech & Web Resources

I’ll be posting as many great links as I can find here.  Hope you find something of use!

CSS Tester – Check your CSS live, through this simple interface

Free Hosting

Coming Soon… –

Help & Support

WordPress Help
– installing WordPress locally
WordPressMax – Cheap install service

Local Web Server (Help)

TechnoSpot – LocalHost Setup
Ditii – Xampp & WordPress Install
Port Forward – Awesome resource for router configurations (Install Apache)

System Tweaks

List of Uninstallable Services for XP – 1

Link: Feedkiller

welcome to feedkiller

to build a new feed just enter the urls of the feeds you want to merge into the boxes below. after you enter the feed’s url, specify how many stories from that feed you would like to have put into your custom feed. use the ‘add another feed’ button to bring up more form boxes.

Link: Event Temples (Wingmakers)

Event TemplesWingmakers: Event Temples

Link: V3GGIE (Vegetarian) Search Engine

Click Image to Visit Website

Click Image to Visit Website – the vegetarian search engine

Searching for Vegetarian specific information can be painful. Especially recipes and restaurants. How many times have you searched for “corn chowder” and weeded through pages of “clam chowder” recipes?

V3GGIE is a specialized search engine. It uses a large set of vegetarian and vegan oriented web sites as well as the vegetarian/vegan subsections of popular sites.

5 Vegetarian Search Engines in One!

V3GGIE includes 5 separate sections to give you the most appropriate information.

Visit Website

    Audio & Sound Links

    Audio Links

    Find Sounds – Free Audio Clips and Samples
    AlienTrance – Ambient Psychedelic Soundscapes
    Simply Noise – Free White Noise Generator for your browser (now includes Red and Brown noise)

    Find More Good Music

    Find More Good Music

    Tangram: The Oldest Chinese Puzzle

    Online version of this fun puzzle.  Also, a downloadable version of this game is available here at Omnifusion!  Check it out using the Box Widget located towards the bottom of this page. (You may need to scroll through some other great downloads to find it.)

    Click Image to Visit Website

    Click Image to Visit Website

    TV: Heroes

    Since the show first started, Heroes has been one of our all-time favorites.  It intellectually balances sci-fi and fantasy with action, humor and drama very well.  The basis of the series is that a small number of people are beginning to develop strange, wonderful and sometimes horrifying physical and/or mental powers.  As you can imagine, the ways these individuals use their special abilities varies – for some become Heroes and some become Villains…

    To continue further into the storyline of Heroes, a set of online graphic novels have been produced.  I haven’t gotten to read many of these yet, but they are great so far and I plan to get to the rest of them as soon as possible.

    Online Shopping

    Awesome Weird Stuff

    Things You Never Knew Existed

    Link: Linked In

    Linked In

    Linked In

    Thanks Jef !

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    Online Photo Editing

    FotoFlexer – I’ve found quite a few of these online photo editing tools lately, but this is the best by far in my opinion.  It not only does what all the other sites (such as Splashup) do, but also offers many more features and goodies like using Layers and adjusting Levels.  Picnik is also a decent editor, which allows you to save to and work directly from your Picasa or Flickr account.

    Pixlr – Just found this one and haven’t tried it yet, but wanted to post it right away because of how quick it loaded compared to the others I’ve tried.  Many of them still use hefty system resources, so this might be a good choice for those who have slower systems.

    Photoshop Resources

    Photoshop Resources

    I’ll be adding more to this list when I go through my old bookmarks…

    T E X T U R E S

    CG Textures – Largest online directory of free textures

    T U T O R I A L S

    Glow Effects – A bunch of tutorials for some beautiful glow effects.

    Other Great Photoshop Tutorials :

    Vectorize Photograph

    Vectorize Photograph

    Creating Fairy Night

    Creating 'Fairy Night'

    Dreamy Sparkling

    Dreamy Sparkling

    Photoshop Tutorials – Nice collection of tutorials that are not found on every site

    Mushrooms, Russia & History (Free Download)

    The RAREST of all modern day (1957) mushroom books is now available, free for download.

    Only 517 copies were made, and they sell for over $3,000.

    R. Gordon Wasson – Mushrooms, Russia & History

    This pdf file can be downloaded to your computer, which contains both volumes and all of the color


    Omnifusion Network Extensions

    Omnifusion Network

    Omnifusion Network

    AlienTrance – Ambient Psychdelic Soundscapes
    – Alternative Newspod
    DarkLight Studio – PhotoGraphic Designs
    – Private Home Network

    Online Games (Browser)

    Scrabulous: Free online multiplayer scrabble
    > Live Game, Email Game, Blitz (Quick), Solitaire (Solo/PC)

    Travian: Tediously slow getting started, but very rewarding multiplayer civilization/strategy simulation.
    > Travian – Server 1

    The Continuum: Very well put-together turn based strategy game, which is flash based and runs very smoothly.
    The Continuum
    > Login – Launch Game

    Monster’s Den: A Great little single-player RPG (Don’t delete your cookies though, or you lose your saved game like me!)
    Monster’s Den

    Kongregate: One of the best free online game portals I’ve found.
    > Kongai

    Look Promising: – Space Strategy
    Drasil – Fantasy MMORPG
    Eclipse – RPG Maker
    Lords – Strategic MMorpg
    World of Dungeons – Fantasy MMORPG
    Dransik – Old School MORPG
    Sanctum – Card Based Strategy
    Savage – Cool mix of Strategy and 1st Person Shooter
    Aranock – MMORPG
    Empiriana– PwP MMORPG

    Flash Based Action
    ToonCrisis – Crazy but fun shootemup

    Online Video Editing Tools

    Video Editing Tools (Source: ReadWriteWeb)

    Jumpcut lets you upload video, photos, and audio, or import from Flickr or Facebook, and edit using a Flash interface. Add titles, effects, transitions, music, and split and crop video tracks. Then publish your video and let others remix it. Jumpcut also has some social networking features (like groups). Jumpcut is probably the best of the online video editors, though I really wish there was a way to export videos off the site.
    Of the bunch, Jumpcut’s editor most resembles the feel of offline editors, like iMovie.

    Eyespot is a full featured editor like Jumpcut. It lets you upload video, photos, and audio and then add transitions, effects, titles, and music. The editor isn’t as attractive and easy to use, in my opinion, as Jumpcut’s, but Eyespot offers a good deal of free media sets from partners like The Colbert Report, Public Enemy, and Dreamworks Pictures.

    Movie Masher lets web site owners offer editing and remixing capabilities to their visitors via a sophisticated flash widget, which can be customized to match the look of your web site. The editing tools allow you to sequence and trim clips, add effects, transitions, titles, and music, using a familiar timeline editor.

    Cuts lets you import video from MySpace, YouTube, and Google video (or anywhere you can get the direct .FLV URL) and then make your own “cut” by removing scenes, looping scenes, and adding captions and sound effects.

    (Almost) Video Editing Tools

    Mojiti isn’t a video editing tool in the way that the YouTube Remixer, Jumpcut, Eyespot, Movie Masher, or even Cuts are, but it still probably warrants a mention in this round up. Instead, Mojiti lets you annotate videos you import from just about any video site out there. You can use it to add properly timed titles, captions, or translations to videos.

    You could use Mojiti to put lyrics on a music video, for example.

    Vidavee Graffiti lets you add effects to YouTube videos (like cartoon speech bubbles, titles, and frames). I found the interface kind of clumsy and hard to use, but maybe you’ll have better luck.

    muveeMix is a way to arrange your videos and photos to music, add titles and credits and export them to your blog or social network profile. It doesn’t offer nearly as much control as, say, Jumpcut, but isn’t as complicated either.

    Earthdance 2008

    Earthdance 2008


    September 12, 13, 14 // Black River Falls, Wi

    Rain or Shine

    The Chilluminati, in our 3rd year, present a 3 day open-air festival focusing on psychedelic music, art, and culture, all within the Earthdance concept. This is an official and registered Earthdance event.

    Earthdance, the Global Dance Festival for Peace has grown to become the world’s largest simultaneous music and dance event. Founded in 1996, with 22 cities and 18 countries participating, Earthdance has grown to over 300 locations in 60 countries participating in 2007, with locations ranging from the club-lands of New York to the rainforests of Brazil. Every year, in alignment with the International Day of Peace, over 200,000 people unite in dance with hundreds of thousands more joining online in support of global peace and humanitarian aims.

    The defining moment of each Earthdance event is a synchronized link-up, (6pm Central Time) when every event around the world plays a specially produced song called “The Prayer for Peace” at exactly the same time.

    Earthdance has been described by the music industry as the “Dance Aid” for the new millennium. The aim of the event is to bring together global communities to create a synchronized global festival and dance event to help fund humanitarian causes and develop an environment of peace throughout the global community.

    Earthdance is a non-political event and is organized by Earthdance International, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

    The Chilluminati is guided by:

    • Psychedelic trance, chill and ambient are the music that we play. Music in itself is a transformative and psychedelic agent.
    • Our events are more than music. They are multidimensional, multifaceted trance, visual, art and kinetic performance events. They are experiences.
    • Our events are about transformation and becoming. Whatever your sense of spirituality is, you bring that to the gathering.
    • At our events everyone takes responsibility for the gathering, others and themselves.
    • Our events have an atmosphere and a vibe. The gathering is a field of energy that connects us. The gathering is a living being.
    • Our events are about expressing yourself, being creative, being an individual.
    • Our events are inclusive and open.
    • Our events are both local and planetary; cultural diverse, reflective of the American Midwest, yet global.
    • We respect local laws and customs.
    • Our gathering is a gift which we all (organizers, artists, musicians and attendees) give to each other. This is not about money, commercialization and exploitation. This is not a product this is a community.

    10 WTF Sites That Will Warp Your Mind

    10 WTF Sites That Will Warp Your Mind

    #1 Treasure Box

    I’m still trying to figure this one out. I guess it’s a game. I have only been able to do four moves before it starts me over. Very odd, but a little fun.

    #2 Superbad

    Almost like a choose your own adventure book. Just find a place to click.

    #3 Sugar Free Ink

    A little heavy on load times, this black-and-white site is confusing, but keeps you occupied with its random assortment of zaniness.

    #4 SPIN

    This one starts off seemingly innocent, but once you’ve clicked start, you’ll see why it’s on the list. Like the sites above, just look for a place to click.

    #5 Samorost 1

    Odds are, you’ve seen this one before. I remember finding this site about a year ago, but it fits well on this list.

    #6 Neave

    This one looks like any standard flash-based site, but as soon as you start clicking, you’ll realize you’re wrapped up in the mind of Paul Neave – an interesting, scary place.


    Even the name is odd. This site has tons of random items to explore.

    #8 Zoomquilt 2

    I think I’ve seen another version of this, but this one seemed better. It’s like going into a picture, but never stopping. I have no idea how they do this, but it’s incredible.

    #9 Boohbah Zone

    Like the Teletubbies on acid. This is a very uncomfortable site.

    #10 Medijate

    This site is supposed to promote meditation, but its creepy music, frightening graphics, and odd mouse-following behavior will do anything BUT leave you feeling relaxed. The music is repetitive and annoying, but the visuals will keep you busy.

    Link: Best Proxy

    So far, this is the very best Proxy Server I have been able to find.  Not only does it actually do what it is supposed to, it is one of the few services that don’t bombard you with popups.  If you know of anything better, please leave the address in the comment field.