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Led Zeppelin: (Rare)Lemon Song

This is just a fantastic version of The Lemon Song before it was ever released.

Thanks to the original videographer(+S&H, etc lol) for footage.

Test Video 35

Me on the left

Bailey Baby pic

Oh, another white shooter.


Watch “Rodrigo y Gabriela with Robert Trujillo and Shenkar – Volcano Jam” on YouTube

Solo Spoiler Screenshot

Solo Spoiler Pic

True Forgiveness

True Forgiveness in the means of that everything, no matter how dispicable and/or morally rehensible can be overrided by the graciousness of oneself who has either the wisdom or stupidity to determine the subject equal or less than the ego in opposing questions wish

Who truly believes in this ideal anymore?

I’m just curious to hear what people think about this.

Any thoughts out there?

So, I was ‘battered’ this last Friday for trying to defend a girl who was being ‘battered’. She got away, but later denied any problems when they picked this guy up. Wtf.

We Cannot Fix The Past

But we can fix the now, before it becomes an unfortunate future.

Politics, as today’s usual.




A new comedy sequel idea

(Just a cute few screenshots of comments I wrote on Screen Junkies: Movie Fights, with regards to which comedy deserves a sequel)

Help! :(

Does anyone know how I can keep my sculpey octopus together while I try to add details? It keeps breaking on me.

Coral Creep 1

Fun Factory 1

Crystal Clayworks 1

Original Photo Lineup of The Justice League, before the Man of Steel

Test paint 1